Mitä vielä, Ronja Salmi?

Photo: Atte Mäläskä

Podcast Now what, Ronja Salmi? (Mitä vielä, Ronja Salmi?) continues the discussion from where the What’s up, Ronja Salmi? (Mitä mietit, Ronja Salmi?) TV series left off. Journalist Ronja Salmi, along with her co-host and a guest, reflects on questions arising from the subject of each TV episode. The podcast also functions as a series in its own right, even for those unfamiliar with its TV sibling. During the podcast’s three seasons a wide range of subjects important to young adults, such as gender diversity, mental health and sexuality, are discussed.

Ryöväri’s Veera Ojola and Ronja Salmi were the writers of the show.

Listen to the episodes on Yle Areena (geo-restricted)